We are delighted to introduce our new 2004 Grant and Fellowship Programs. Each of these opportunities has been developed with the guidance of our distinguished Scientific Advisory Board and each is designed to meet a specific need within the fragile X research community.

Through these programs, Conquer Fragile X Foundation seeks to promote the development of international fragile X research collaborations, to increase the capacity and skills of fragile X labs and researchers around the world, and to encourage young researchers to pursue new and innovative fragile X research projects.

Conference Travel Fund

The CFXF Fragile X Conference Travel Fund provides support to enable investigators to travel to, attend, and participate in various fragile X research-related conferences throughout the year. With this fund, CFXF seeks to strengthen relationships among Fragile X scientists and to heighten the presence of international fragile X researchers by bringing them together at important scientific conferences.

Short Term Fellowships

Short term fellowships are intended to support researchers who wish to spend 2 weeks to 2 months working in a laboratory in another country to learn new fragile X research techniques, develop new collaborations in fragile X research, or to become familiar with equipment not readily available in the applicant's home country. Applicants must offer a plan to expand their knowledge and experience in fragile X research during the fellowship period, and suggest how that experience will enhance their on-going research in their home country.

Research Transition Award

The CFXF Fragile X Research Transition Program provides support that will enable post doctoral researchers to continue fragile X research at a new research situation after postdoctoral studies are completed. In so doing, CFXF hopes to increase the number of fragile X investigators and projects worldwide, particularly at facilities that currently have no established fragile X research.



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