Raising a child with special needs creates a unique strain on families. At the same time , parents can also appreciate the many positive abd endearing aspects of their children with Fragile X syndrome. the children themselves are often the best ambassadors for increasing awareness of Fragile X in the press and in thier communities. Won't you help us help them?

Here's what families are saying about their experiences with Fragile X:

"Not knowing the cause of a child's mental impairment can cause more destruction in a family than knowing it, facing it, and finally accepting it, thereby giving each member of the family more freedom to love each other and less time to blame each other."

" It's easy to have lots of self-pity and anger with the situations that life deals. However, they accomplish nothing. It is better to move on with some sense of humor, love, and courage because these are the things that do make us strong."

"Last Christmas, I discovered I was the Fragile X carrier in our large family. The bottom dropped out of my world. Now I thank God for the knowledge-my children and grandchildren have options."

"My son has a great imagination. Sometimes he talks to himself and answers in another voice. He imitates comedians, listens to the news, weather, sports, and watches cooking shows. He is very observant- he knows a lot more than he can bring out."

"There is so much I could share and things I have learned over the years. I would love to have the support of talking to others who understand."

Some Special People!


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